Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Picking up the Pace

Well work has picked up a little for me, great timing with all my trips to Raytheon Polar for HR nonsense. At least the two girls in the HR department I have been dealing with are cute and friendly. I think that is more for Tim's benefit than mine but you never know.

The BBQ Sunday was really tame, which is what Sunday BBQ's should be. I had a good time and caught up with some people. Monday worked on tracking down a good home equity loan, should have that done this week so I tap into that cash and give me a little bit more stability with the contract work.

My mile time is hanging around 9:30 and I can't seem to break through. I have plenty of legs not enough lungs. I'll have to start playing hoops again or something. Maybe run in the morning and evening. My roommate Phil ran with me once and did really well but the next day he could barely walk so I don't think we'll be running with me anymore.

Today is big day, it's my brother's B-Day and contract discussions at Mile High United Way. Hard to tell which way they'll go. I think we've done a really good job there, they just are not used to working with outside resources. They need to pull the projects instead of expecting us to push them out. My take anyway. The support side will probably stay but they may shop other developers. I think ITHC is over the hump of their internal processes we just need better communications both ways over the corporate divide.

Happy 32 John...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's a late night

Well its way late (at least to be doing work) and yet here I am trying to get a grasp on all this. I did get through my whole workout today and got the mile down to 9:34. Much better but still a ways to go. Went shopping a pick up some clothes (does a belt counts as clothes)? I also picked up a book on trantra. We'll see if there is anything to this. A new mat for the bathroom... look out, I'm a wild man.

I guess I'll make perogies for the BBQ later today as it one of the few things I think people will (from my kitchen anyway).


Saturday, June 11, 2005

A visit to the library

Day one of the new and productive has resulted in cleaning and going to the library. Of course the three books I was looking for were checked out but still I made the trek to College Hill (112th and Sheridan for the locals). It was nicer than I would have thought and not as busy as the main Denver library. Lots of kids though, but it's a Saturday.

Last night I had dinner and drinks with Eric and Allison Jaggers. It was nice to hang out. After attempting to conquer yet another mini-beer tour at Old Chicago in one night I made my way to the Goose Town Tavern down on Colfax. Met up with Phil, Meg, Jaime and Nicole. They have obviously been drinking more than I but I've been on the other side of that many a time. Meg told me I was dressed hot, which is nice to hear every now and again. I wore my SPIT (South Pole Info Tech) shirt out and it garnered some attention and curious looks.

I am back on the horse for my work out. I ran one mile in an embarrassing 11 minutes. At least I did not strain anything. The softball games today are cancelled because of the heavy rain of the last three days (even though it is bright and sunny today). So more spare time to work my literary attempt.

Tomorrow is a BBQ for Eric's birthday at Darrin Cuneo's place. Nice to see me invited - not. But Eric said to be there or be square.

One last things, I have struck out with all six people I have asked to go to the Queensryche/Judas Priest show. I doubt JP will tour again with the original line up and Queensryche is a guilt pleasure of mine. Wednesday, June 29th at 7p. Who will step up and go with me?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Things need to get done

I have become a procrastinator. There is a million things I should be doing and some things I have meant to do for a long time. My slacking is stopping now. I will become a productive member of the human race. For a guy who does project management for a living this is an odd situation. I guess I need to manage myself like I would a developer.

Other things -- I visited Raytheon on Wednesday and took a drug screen. I need to go back on Tuesday for my blood test and booster shots. Last year I fasted for two days and got a great score on my chloresterol. Time to put that plan into play.

Also I am looking for advice on a short story - screenplay I have been working for sometime. How do I protect my ideas from being stolen? I know how to protect software and such but how about story ideas? Let me know.

Well I'm off to get a watch fixed and goto the library. Later...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

In Denver

I have not done a really good job updating this but here is a quick post of what I have been up to:

  • Working as a consultant at IT Handyman Corp (
  • Visited Kansas City for family get together, it's nicer than you think.
  • Have been invited to go to Lake Powell for houseboat mayhem, thinking it over.
  • Been offered a well paying job at the South Pole again, fighting with myself over this one.
  • Interviewed with Northrop Grumman for a job.
  • Had a virus in my eye - painful. Even more so with no insurance.
  • Hoping to fit in time down in Southfork, CO with family friends.
  • Determining I need more single friends. Basically it is Tim and I in the singles world everyone else is tied down.
  • Put on 10 lbs, time to start working out.
  • I have read everybook in my possession, anyone want to swap? Maybe library card time.

Thanks for stopping by... Blur