Thursday, January 05, 2006

Xmas, New Years and R&R

Ok, I have been a bad boy. I have not updated in quite a while. Not because nothing has happened but because almost too much has been happening.

First off, Christmas. My boxes arrived on the 23rd to my delight. I finally had clothes, towels and general tolietries. The MET wine and cheese party the 24th. Drank too much red wine, my lips were purple, YIKES! Had a great dinner of Beef Wellington. Having friends in the kitchen finally paid off as I got a center cut piece about the size of Rhode Island.

New Years, had the tradition party in the heavy shop. It was nice, broke out my stash of Bass Ale and partied late into the night. Spent the next sleeping. Pictures will be posted. Bob Campbell as baby new year is too much for me not to share.

Why can't I post these now? I am on Rest and Relaxation leave in McMurdo. and don't have access back to the station. But never fear I have some links and downloads for everyone. First off a slide show you can download about last winter. Here is the
link. Here are pictures of the IT Staff at the South Pole to prove we are actually here. There are few to look at so look through the directory.

I will return to the solitude of the South Pole on the 9th. After that there is 5 weeks until they close down the station. So if you are sending anything, it needs to be out today. You probably want to send it priority mail and mark it WINTER-OVER so the postmaster make take pity on it and send it on before the last day.

Well I need to get started for the day. I'll try to put up some of the good photo's when I get a chance.