Thursday, November 09, 2006

So I'm in Christchurch

And everything is going well. Seen all the Polies, had a few memorable nights and today I rented a car. What a trip to drive on the wrong side of the road, round-a-bouts and all the right brained processes the Kiwi's have. Supposed to pick up Neal tonight so I did a test run to the airport with Guy Thomerson bravely being my co-pilot. Almost took all the paint off the left side of the car (not really).

So after I rent my car I go back to the room and there is a lizard in it. I am not kidding, a lizard. Needless to say I moved to different room (422).

I am also sick now. Damned FiNGies getting me sick. It could be all the 4a nights are not helping but it is easier to blame the new people. So on top of driving on the wrong side, a lizard, I am now stoned on sudafed. What a day and Neal wants to go out tonight. Jeez...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sitting in McMurdo

Well I left Pole and now sit in McMurdo waiting. Waiting for a flight that has been delayed by helicopter parts in New Zealand. So my time in the Antarctic Program continues. I logged in this morning to about 40 emails (lucky none from Jeri and Dave, my replacements). I had a ton of reminders for reports, meetings and inspections. It felt good to click DISMISS on all of them.

One of the cool things was when I got to my room (shared with Tom Lohr, Guy Thomerson and Robert Powell) there was a stocked with beer and rum. There was a note from Cannon, DeRosa, Head and Jeter to enjoy and share with others. We actually saw them on the ice runway sitting on the DELTA waiting to board the C-17. I assume it was them, as they were waving at us as we drove towards town.

I hope to catch the other Polies still in NZ and meet some new people while in CHC as I wait for my travel partner. I can't find any good pictures but here is Castle Rock which you can hike to. Yes that is an active volcano in the distance.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Turnover - Almost Gone

Well the 2nd has come and gone and I am still at the Pole. But it looks like I am leaving tomorrow, the 6th. My replacement is a South Pole veteran who knows his way around which makes my leaving a little easier. So I am still on for my previously stated vacation, just starting a little later. I have already received emails from fellow WinterOvers in Christchurch as to where to meet them.

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all those who been reading my blog and sending kind and funny words to keep me going. It has been a challenging 374 days but all in all it was worth it. I hope this provided a glimpse into my year on the ice. Will I return to the Pole or even Antarctica? I don't know, I am a little too close to the subject right now. Ask in in three months.

My new contact info as of December 1...

Patrick McClure
12101 Melody Drive #16-102
Westminster, CO 80234

I'd love to hear from all you folks when I am back in the real world.

Best Regards... Patrick