Friday, October 20, 2006

What does it take to feed the South Pole Station?

Here is a summary of what was consumed this winter (February 21st) so far and what we plan to until Oct 20th.

What we ate/drank:

5428 pounds of Beef
22720 Eggs
1527 pounds of Fries
3948 pounds of Pork
2811 pounds of Poultry
2457 pounds of Seafood
82 case of Cold Cereal
1590 pounds of Cheese
1170 pounds of Butter
2638 pounds of Canned and Frozen Fruit
24300 slices of Pre-Made Bread
418 lbs of Meatless Protein (Tofu, Tempeh, TVP…)
39 gallons of Ketchup
11520 blue cups worth of Orange Juice (blue cup is 16oz)
8450 blue cups worth of Milk (blue cup is 16oz)
432 gallons of Ice Cream (after air is added by the ice cream machine)

What is your share:
Assuming everybody ate the same amount, which I know is not true.

84.81 pounds of Beef
355 Eggs
23.86 pounds of Fries
61.69 pounds of Pork
43.92 pounds of Poultry
38.39 pounds of Seafood
1.28 cases of Cold Cereal, so about 18-20lbs
24.84 pounds of Cheese
18.28 pounds of Butter
41.22 pounds of Fruit (This doesn’t count Freshies from beginning of winter)
380 slices of Pre-Made Bread
6.53 pounds of Meatless-Protein (But of course this number is much higher for those that eat it, since most don’t)
.6 gallons of Ketchup
180 blue cups of OJ
132 blue cups of milk
6.75 gallons of Ice Cream

Compiled. by Dan Von Bank


Anonymous Anonymous said...

crazy...almost that time. i should know better but i'm wishing right now i was stuck waiting in mactown to come in on that first flight...

best of luck as the crush of population hits.


4:43 PM  
Blogger Blur said...

Doctor, You don't want to be sitting McM. You'd remember how lame it is there. Three straight days of delays and no sign of warming up.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and the delay keeps growing... funny that i thought i was breaking my three halloween in a row run too. guess i would have regardless.

i pity the folks who've been living in man-camp for two weeks.

but i pity you more.


11:21 AM  

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