Monday, November 06, 2006

Sitting in McMurdo

Well I left Pole and now sit in McMurdo waiting. Waiting for a flight that has been delayed by helicopter parts in New Zealand. So my time in the Antarctic Program continues. I logged in this morning to about 40 emails (lucky none from Jeri and Dave, my replacements). I had a ton of reminders for reports, meetings and inspections. It felt good to click DISMISS on all of them.

One of the cool things was when I got to my room (shared with Tom Lohr, Guy Thomerson and Robert Powell) there was a stocked with beer and rum. There was a note from Cannon, DeRosa, Head and Jeter to enjoy and share with others. We actually saw them on the ice runway sitting on the DELTA waiting to board the C-17. I assume it was them, as they were waving at us as we drove towards town.

I hope to catch the other Polies still in NZ and meet some new people while in CHC as I wait for my travel partner. I can't find any good pictures but here is Castle Rock which you can hike to. Yes that is an active volcano in the distance.


Blogger --TBAS said...

Well,'s been great following your winter misadventures and whatnot. I hope you keep this blog up...makes a good read. You guys posted more about the life of being a winterover at the pole this year than I've been able to find for past years.

8:48 PM  
Blogger Neal said...

Wait for me!!!! I'm following right behind you.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Blur said...

TBAS - Thanks for reading as often as you do. I think we just had a more computer saavy group down here. In the future I think you will even see more blogs (evidenced when I walk through the A3 Lab and Blogger is up on four different systems).

4:22 PM  

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