Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Picking up the Pace

Well work has picked up a little for me, great timing with all my trips to Raytheon Polar for HR nonsense. At least the two girls in the HR department I have been dealing with are cute and friendly. I think that is more for Tim's benefit than mine but you never know.

The BBQ Sunday was really tame, which is what Sunday BBQ's should be. I had a good time and caught up with some people. Monday worked on tracking down a good home equity loan, should have that done this week so I tap into that cash and give me a little bit more stability with the contract work.

My mile time is hanging around 9:30 and I can't seem to break through. I have plenty of legs not enough lungs. I'll have to start playing hoops again or something. Maybe run in the morning and evening. My roommate Phil ran with me once and did really well but the next day he could barely walk so I don't think we'll be running with me anymore.

Today is big day, it's my brother's B-Day and contract discussions at Mile High United Way. Hard to tell which way they'll go. I think we've done a really good job there, they just are not used to working with outside resources. They need to pull the projects instead of expecting us to push them out. My take anyway. The support side will probably stay but they may shop other developers. I think ITHC is over the hump of their internal processes we just need better communications both ways over the corporate divide.

Happy 32 John...


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