Friday, October 27, 2006

Since I'm still stranded, this is the outline of my vacation.

No flights yet. We are a week plus behind now. So my estimated departure is in jeopardy. So I can complain about things which are totally out of my control or I can tell you want I am looking forward to... my vacation! So here is a rough run down of my plans:

Arrive in Christchurch, New Zealand (MAP) sometime around November 4th. Staying at the YMCA across from the Botanical Gardens. Meet up with other Polies at the our unofficial hangout Dux de Lux right down the street. Rent a car, book some lodging and get some sun. Go with the flow until the 11th when this girl shows up:

Who will travel with me for three weeks or until we get sick of each other. Spend another night in Chch.
November 13th - travel to the French settled Akaroa. This place looks really cool but because of other agenda items I can only book a day there. Check out the topography on this map. Surrounded by hills I have heard nothing but good things about it.
November 14th - Travel to Queenstown or Te Anau. Won't do much here except to get ready for the
M.V. Friendship overnight cruise of Milford Sound. This was suggested to me by Tim Nicoll.
November 16th - Travel to Greymouth to ice climb Fox Glacier. My travel partner likes climbing so this stop is hers. Denis Barkats strongly suggested the ice climbing.
November 17th - Arrive in Nelson. Just like the rest of the South Island people seem to rave about this northern coastal city. We spend two days here as I hear the beaches are great. Once again my travel companion is pushing the adrenaline button by doing this over Abel Tasman National Park. This guy:

Should be off the ice by then and said he'd like to participate in tempting death. We spend two days in Nelson before heading north.
November 18th - Travel to Wellington via Picton Ferry which crosses the channel between the two islands. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and supposedly the most cultured city in the world (just beating out Sydney, Australia). We spend two days here.
November 20th - Head north again to Auckland. One in three Kiwi's live in Auckland. On the way we stop at the Glow Worm Caves in Waitomo for the tour.
November 21st - Lose the car and fly to Sydney, Australia. Have not planned this far ahead yet. Obviously take the Harbor Tour and visit the Opera House (maybe see a show). I'd like to go up the coast and see the Great Barrier Reef but time will be tight and who knows how worn out we'll be by then.
November 24th - Head for the good ol' USA. I might not head directly home but then again I have a mighty powerful desire to sleep in my own bed. Anybody want a ragged Polie to come and visit?


Blogger Ev said...

you are busy! you going back when you are done traveling?

3:35 PM  
Blogger mcBlogger said...

Have a fantastic time...enjoy your much needed and deserved vacation. And for God's sake, get some sun and enjoy some heat... :-)

10:26 AM  
Anonymous M Rippy said...

I just hope that you were able to see the awesome Great Barrier. I was there only a few weeks ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I found a very good opportunity to diving in the Great Barrier Reef thanks to these tours. Please feel free to check it wherever you want and enjoy!


10:36 AM  

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