Monday, November 21, 2005

An Update from All Points North

It is 4:20a and I cannot sleep. That's bad for me and the people who rely on me but good for my blog readers. I have been informed my co-workers read this so I guess I have to clean it up a little. So no more complaining that XX is an idiot who does not know what DHCP stands for. The rest of the IT staff has arrived and I am glad to see new blood help out with all the issues out there. Boy, they have no idea what they have signed up for.

I know a lot of you are eager to talk to me, send me things or just email me stuff so I will layout all the ways to get a hold me on the bottom of the Earth. First off Snail Mail:

Patrick McClure, RPSC
South Pole Station
PSC 468 Box 400
APO AP 96598

A couple of hints for snail mail, you must use USPS, write "WINTEROVER" in big print on it (the postmaster takes pity on winterovers), make as much of the box black as possible as it means DNF (Do Not Freeze) or place a cool penguin with a line through it sticker on it. What do I need? Mail is always nice, nicknacks, clothes, you name it, we don't have it. A note about cookies, it is less than 1% humidity here, unless you plan on vacuum packing things, cookies become rocks by the time we get them. Chocolate on the other hand...

Email - - easy enough.
Phone: 720.568.1604 (office) 720.568.1785 (berthing)

A word about calls, they are limited by the satellite (right now about 3a til 1p Auckland time). The satellite time moves ahead four minutes a day, so calculate that in. I don't have voicemail yet but I'll put the FNG network engineer EK on it.

IM - Microsoft messenger 5.1 .NET username I also have a SIP account at Raytheon, but if you are in the Raytheon Network email pol-helpdesk and Nate will set you up. I can voice and video conference over the connection (well I'm supposed to be able to, ping me and we'll try it out).

I am still living out of the same 5 changes of clothes I packed when I got here. So hopefully my re-stock is on its way. So don't make fun if you see pictures of me in the same thing over and over.

Here is something for everyone to look at It is short film put together by my boss Smackafee. It looks and sounds great. I put three versions up to help with those with low bandwidth issues. It is a little dark but it gets lighter, the bright thing in the sky at the end is a full moon. Ping me if you want to know more. I would suggest you download it (right click save target as or save link as) locally before playing it. It is 5:15 in length.

Gotta goto work in 54 minutes... Patrick