Friday, June 10, 2005

Things need to get done

I have become a procrastinator. There is a million things I should be doing and some things I have meant to do for a long time. My slacking is stopping now. I will become a productive member of the human race. For a guy who does project management for a living this is an odd situation. I guess I need to manage myself like I would a developer.

Other things -- I visited Raytheon on Wednesday and took a drug screen. I need to go back on Tuesday for my blood test and booster shots. Last year I fasted for two days and got a great score on my chloresterol. Time to put that plan into play.

Also I am looking for advice on a short story - screenplay I have been working for sometime. How do I protect my ideas from being stolen? I know how to protect software and such but how about story ideas? Let me know.

Well I'm off to get a watch fixed and goto the library. Later...


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