Sunday, April 23, 2006

For Sale

For Sale - Matching set of vintage washer and dryer. Harvest Gold in color, only in use for 25 years. Removed from upper berthing in the world famous "Dome." Routinely maintained. Make an offer. Will separate but they are happy together. If offer over $25 Neal Scheibe will help you load it on LC-130, Twin Otter or traverse vehicle of your choice. Please call 720.568.1623 anytime.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Costume Party at the Pole.

Any reason for a party. This week's - April Birthdays. I can talk about how busy I have been, how tired, grumpy and my new workout/basketball/yoga routine but that's not what fans of the Blur want. They want pictures (of P. Neal Scheibe for some reason). So I'll entertain the masses now, inform/complain later...

Neal was the only SciTech, err Research Associate to dress up... Weak guys. The white socks sold it. The Stoli quickly turned into this (I'm sure retribution is on its way):
I'll leave Neal alone (for now) and embrass myself. Here is me, Joey T and DeRosa. This was a good idea after about four beers. Kids drinking is bad.

Here is a picture of illustrious our Network Engineer (not in costume he dresses like this everyday). Holding the tool that fixes 90% of our issues:

On a secondary Note, he eats like a lumberjack. Here are some others to get the Polie flavor:

Yes, we have girls...

Safety Bill might might be carrying his job a little too far..

Beer, very little time off and few women to impress mixed with the Village People can produce this effect:

Thanks for stopping in. Only 7 months left (roughly).