Saturday, June 11, 2005

A visit to the library

Day one of the new and productive has resulted in cleaning and going to the library. Of course the three books I was looking for were checked out but still I made the trek to College Hill (112th and Sheridan for the locals). It was nicer than I would have thought and not as busy as the main Denver library. Lots of kids though, but it's a Saturday.

Last night I had dinner and drinks with Eric and Allison Jaggers. It was nice to hang out. After attempting to conquer yet another mini-beer tour at Old Chicago in one night I made my way to the Goose Town Tavern down on Colfax. Met up with Phil, Meg, Jaime and Nicole. They have obviously been drinking more than I but I've been on the other side of that many a time. Meg told me I was dressed hot, which is nice to hear every now and again. I wore my SPIT (South Pole Info Tech) shirt out and it garnered some attention and curious looks.

I am back on the horse for my work out. I ran one mile in an embarrassing 11 minutes. At least I did not strain anything. The softball games today are cancelled because of the heavy rain of the last three days (even though it is bright and sunny today). So more spare time to work my literary attempt.

Tomorrow is a BBQ for Eric's birthday at Darrin Cuneo's place. Nice to see me invited - not. But Eric said to be there or be square.

One last things, I have struck out with all six people I have asked to go to the Queensryche/Judas Priest show. I doubt JP will tour again with the original line up and Queensryche is a guilt pleasure of mine. Wednesday, June 29th at 7p. Who will step up and go with me?


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