Monday, March 13, 2006

Rest Easy

I was really concerned about the ability of the station to defend itself from the other denizens of the Antarctic. You know the Nazi's, giant dinosaurs from the center of the Earth, the might army of Atlantis and of the pesky alien invasion that Polies have to fight off every winter. Well thankfully we found our misplaced crate out on the berms. I can finally sleep at night.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lighting and Cooking

It has been 5 months since I left Denver to come to the ice. Leaving a mere 7 or so left. The count down to the "darkness" is commencing. Supposedly in a week we will be living without the benefit of the Sun. Of course with all the big brains down here they are only able to estimate the time to within 30 hours. I guess the altitude and atmospheric conditions play havoc on the actually viewing of the sun. Who knew?

I volunteered the SP IT staff to cook dinner on a Sunday (Sunday is traditionally fend for yourself day). We did okay with Mexican food. I am once again the master of the deep fryer. Here is a picture of some very finely tuned athletes at work in the kitchen. Also thanks to Joey Tarnow (second from right) for helping out on IT cook day. He is technically a SPSM guy but we still let him hang out with us.

My fryer skills are so renown I cooked again tonight with the SciTechs. If you want to more about SciTech's and what they do you can read N. Scheibe's blog here. He linked to me so I feel the need to link back.

And yes I know he post's more than I do but I'm a busy guy!