Saturday, September 09, 2006

Then and Now

I have been playing with my webcam, streaming video and all that jazz. I took a picture of me now and boy do I look different than before I came here.

The above photo is in Creed, Colorado just before heading to the ice. I am a young good looking guy with the world by the tail.

Now look at me, crazy long beard, eyes that scream "I'm too tired to care anymore." This is not the guy you would have babysit your kids. This is after I took a shower, this is as fresh as I get. How did I age 10 years in 13 months? My beard is manly though. This looks like a prisoner who has been thrown in the "hole" for a month on one of those prison movies.

On a second a geekier note, anyone out there use Google Talk? I want to test the video and audio on it. Send me an email if you have a couple of minutes to test this with me.


Blogger Crystal said...

i have determined that it takes 16 muscles to make that face in the 2nd picture.

you're better off masturbating. you'll lose less energy and maybe you won't look like the tranny you took home is really a woman.


1:32 PM  

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