Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fantasy Football

I know everyone is dying to see who I picked up in the South Pole Fantasy Football draft. So a quick run down and light analysis. I picked 9th out 12 in a serpentine draft.

RD1 - LaMont Jordan, RB Oakland.
He was rated #6 and the Art Shell running game should allow him to produce. Will not get goal line hand-offs (Zach Crockett will).
RD2 - Matt Hasselback, QB, Seattle
No stud RB's were left. Was a reach but to get the #3 QB in the league is nice.
RD3 - Marvin Harrison, WR, Indy
Wanted an RB but again the board was bare. The #3 ranked WR in a three WR league = points for the Blur. I had a chance for Moss, hope this was the way to go.
RD4 - Frank Gore, RB, SF
Best availible RB, will start and will bulk of carries with Barlow traded to NYJ.
RD5 - Chris Chambers, WR, Miami
Miami has a legit QB this year so Chambers should haul in a few.
RD6 - Andre Johnson, WR, Houston
My 3rd WR, it seems I started a run on WRs.
RD7 - Kurt Warner, QB, Arizona
If I only had him 5 years ago. Maybe Arzona will win few this year, probably not.
RD8 - Todd Heap, TE, Baltimore
I read the top 5 TE are good after that they are about the same. I got #4.
RD9 - Ahman Green, RB, Green Bay
Like Warner, 5 years ago this guy was gold.
RD10 - Baltimore Defense
The #3 defense is still there and I scoop them up, probably a round ealry.
RD11 - Donte Stallworth, WR, Philadephlia
Hope he blossoms in Philly after not getting the ball in New Orleans.
RD12 - Jeff Wilkins, K, St. Louis
The #3 kicker and he kicks in a Dome 50% of the time. Love it.

RD13 - Wali Lundy, RB, Houston
A flyer, with D. Davis out the Kubiak bringing in the zone blocking maybe this guy is Terrel Davis waiting to happen. Will be starter on opening day, hate that Ron Dayne is now there.
RD14 - Ashley Lelie, WR, Atlanta
My pick here was Brandon Stokley but was picked just before. So with little time left I went this sucker. Will probably work his way into the starting lineup before long.
RD15 - Chris Simms, QB, Tampa Bay
Went for value here, no starting RB's or WR's left, besides a couple of fullback types. Took a starter, many teams went with just two QB's. Hope Simms or Warner will produce enough to package with a WR to get a better 2nd RB.

I am not a huge football geek but if I am going to play, I am going to play to win. Being down here you don't get ESPN or anything so it can be hard to get a vibe on teams and players. I will update my standings when I get a chance. Now if we were playing fantasy hockey, look out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this football speak is greek to me! WR RB's what the hell!
So nice to know your working hard down there!

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