Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Quick Web Counter How-To

To continue on with the SysAdmin motif, I have been asked from a number of people "who do I do to get a web counter like you have?" Well it is pretty simple but I thought I'd share my experience and what I did.

I went to Blogger Help and eventually made my way to this page.

I reviewed all the web counters and decided on Site Meter because it has an insertion feature (that sounds dirty) for Blogger users. So click on the Site Meter link (or click here).

You will run through a couple of pages basically telling you not to screw around with the coding of Site Meter. If you need this How-To I am pretty sure you will not hAx0red it. Insert your blogspot (or whatever) address in the URL line. A brief description of the site and your current time zone for logging purposes.
You may need to zoom in on this to read it.

Then you move on to the contact form, fill it out then NEXT.

You are prmopted to pick services you want to know about. Skip this by clicking NEXT.

Review all the particulars. If your email address if valid it will send this info to your address, but it might be worth writing down. This email will also include your login password in to manage your Site Meter account. Look for it in 10-15 minutes. NEXT

So you are basically done with the account setup. Now it is time to add this counter to your Blogger page. The easy way to do this is go to the Blogger Insertion Page.

Fill out your user name and password for Blogger and it will appear shortly on your Blogger page. If you are not comfortable sending your Blogger password to Site Meter, you can a) change your blogger password afterward or b)cut and paste the HTML code into your Blogger template. I don't cover either of those although (a) is very simple to do.

Once your counter is up on your page you can modify it from Site Meter after you login and click MANAGER. I'll let you figure out the rest.

Hope this helps. If you want to see examples of Site Meter here are a couple I see frequently:

The lovely and talented (for a Texan) - Crystal (
Comms Tech, part-time Fire Fighter and full time pain in the butt - Greg (
A little off, which just makes her hotter - Laura (


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I am the one who called you "Ask A Nurse" on Jeff's blog! Hope you weren't offended. I can only imagine what it would be like to get to know so much about everyone! Is it done over a beer in a warm way, like "hey, how much do you weigh?" The kind of question we women LOVE. Ooops now I have gone and revealed that I am a woman...

2:33 PM  
Blogger Blur said...

Neal, Jeff and I hang out quite a bit. With only so much to talk about it is only a matter of time before we start talking about working out, weight and finally bodily functions. I can tell you who on station has fought with hemroids or constipation or a myriad of other things you would never talk about in the real world.
Isolation does strange things to people... But I try to spare the blog readers the full brunt of "toastiness."

5:30 PM  

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