Monday, June 26, 2006

It's up in all of it's glory!

My turn has come in the calendar photo shoot. You may want to shield your eyes from the glare:
Mr. December!

To see all the previews check Jeff DeRosa's blog here.

If you are really interested in the calendar I have it up on a site, but want to limit distrubution. Email me if you want the whole deal.

WHIFF (Winterover Halfway Internation Film Festival) are slowly getting posting on Google video. Search for South Pole. I'll put more links up as they get there.


Blogger ~K said...

No comments?!! I figured you'd have all kinds of phone numbers and e-mail addresses posted after your pic showed up. (Which was what I was really waiting for) You've got the nicest looking keyboard of them all.

1:54 PM  
Blogger ~K said...

Finally! I was waiting for yours to show up. Saving the best for last I suppose. You really do have the best looking keyboard of them all.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Blur said...

I am as surprised as you are that the female species is not flocking to the obvious Alpha-Male of the South Pole - Me.

Are you returning to the Pole or was one summer enough?

5:33 PM  
Blogger Dee-Sign said...

Patrick, I enjoyed the entire calendar, you all were so brave and fun to participate. Thanks for the big smiles! Take good care Namaste, ~D.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was pretty scary Patrick. I'm glad that I didn't have to take any pictures like that when I was down there. I bet you miss working in the Dome don't you? Sorry that I didn't stop by on Denver on the way to NY last year. I was in a bit of a rush.
Hope all is going well down there.
Don't want to leave my name here but I bet you can figure out who I am.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Blur said...

Anonymous -
I can't tell for sure but I guess it is my former network engineer who has foresaken his bachelorhood.
Your missing a lot of basketball with the gym...

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! They finally got that gym finished? does that mean that you are really playing this time? I know how you enjoyed that nine foot rim. I will try to email you. By the way, that news thing was painful. The wife and I were watched it on Google video until we couldn't handle it anymore. It has so much potential but instead was quite painful to watch.

5:37 PM  

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