Sunday, May 28, 2006

Today's Purchase

I broke down and bought a camera today. As many of you know I do not own a camera. Heck I did not own a laptop until I bought one to use at the Pole and I'm in charge of IT down here. Anyway I was able to pry my wallet open for this - A Panasonic DMC-FX01K.

My requirements, easy to use, smallish for travel, good lens, good outdoors capability. This guy appears to have it all that. I also picked up a 1GB SD card for it. I saw many people say this is the best travel camera ever. Others said there was too much "noise" in the picture. If I knew what "noise" in a picture was I'd be concerned. A Leica 28mm lens for wide angles should make those NZ landscape shots grander. They even have optical stabilization (on a compact!) for my shaky hands. Can't wait to try this out. It is on its way to Father's house and he'll play with it before sending it to Christchurch.


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