Thursday, May 18, 2006

Meteorology Forecast

Most of you know that we have a two man meteorology department here for the winter. They take observations of wind, temp and cloud cover. As far as I can tell they have a template they email out that says "cold, windy and dark" and then they throw in some measurements. But this winter they began to forecast (still cold, dark and windy). But now you can plan if the winds are 25knots (really bad) to stay inside and when the winds are 15knots (just plain bad) you can venture outside a little longer. The Jeter (The Don of MET) and his wacky sidekick DeRosa put this forecast up today.

So you can imagine my surprise when Denis, our French science lead called me over and gave me a hug in the galley today. The picture they posted is old, I still had my beard on it.

Anyway I guess I am little worn out and starting to look forward to the warm weather of New Zealand. I think this picture proves it.


Blogger Neal said...

I tried to lay a big kiss on you, but I didn't offer a hug.

5:20 AM  

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