Monday, June 19, 2006

Art Work and what's going on!

So I got this email the other day from the lovely and talented, Mistress Tonya - former Polie. In it she included some artwork she did for a class so I thought I share it with my loyal readership. Tonya's pretty hot so maybe she'll send pictures and I'll post some of those. I need something to drive up the ratings here.

In other news I have been really busy lately. Mid season reviews are due and I submitted them. Everyone in the upper echelon had issues with them and had me change things. Most were pretty helpful in general. I guess I am a little harsh in my evaluation of others and terms such as worthless and ignorant should not be used. Who knew?

We had mid winter dinner on last Friday and a two day weekend. That was great. If I was not so far behind on everything else I would post pictures.

I just completed a real-time Video TeleConference (VTC in geek) with the new Head of Raytheon Polar Services Company and the supervisors on station. It went well, so well I am sure they will want to have more of these things. That's a bit of pain for the IT group but it's why they pay us. The new boss does not really affect the day to day things here at the Pole, but he seemed like he had some good ideas. I think he was caught off guard when told of the 64 people on station only one was full time, the rest were contractors or scientists. When asked about retension improvements, he mentioned the employee survey of 109 pages. Of course this survey did not include any contract employees but the two groups should have similar issues. I think he missed the boat on that one but we will see. All in all it was nice to see the big boss take an interest in the smallish but flagship nonetheless of the Antarctic program.

Finally I am putting movies together for WHIFF (Winter Halfway International Film Festival). They are presented tomorrow and I am with Don Jeter. I need to finish screening them and get burning for a DVD. Boy when does this job ever start to cruise?


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