Sunday, February 19, 2006

Station Closing -Sort of

Well I have not updated this in a while as I have been working like the devil. So here is the quick and dirty. Station wise we are "soft closed" that mean pretty much everyone is gone except and handful of cargo staff and BK Grant the station manager. Our current population is 70 souls with six more slated to leave on Thursday.

In the IT world, I received my season review and it was the highest possible score. So I guess I have been doing something right for a change. A couple other points, my boss Bill McAfee has left Raytheon Polar so I have no direct supervisor right now. Also with that, I was asked to take on the position of IT Lead at the Pole until they straighten who is going to run the team down here.

What does that mean for me? Not much although I got a better room over in the posh A1 wing. As you can guess that means I have a new berthing phone number 720.568.1655. I have just finished moving my stuff into it today so I will be living there full time.
Lots of other things to tell but I have some work to do for tomorrow. The satellite time here is 8:20p to 7:50a (12:20a - 11:50a MST) so I am forced to work at night again. It is still bright out but a lot more shadows as the sun sinks deeper in the horizon. I have lots of pictures but no time to sort and post right now. They will come.


Anonymous North of U said...

Thanks for posting.

Yes, the rest of the world is reading from time to time. :-)

Best wishes for a speedy winter.

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