Saturday, October 15, 2005

Long Time - Long Trip

Ok, ok... I have been totally lame about updating this blog so I will a recount of what is going with and my travel. If it helps you can listen to the "Montage" song from Team America to help you through this long list, compressed into a short period. I have taken a job as System Administrator at the South Pole. I have trained to be a first responder with the South Pole Trauma Team. I have successfully traveled from Denver to New Zealand (I am writing this from there). The last two days have been of trying on clothes and training. The big news is that this new job is ONE YEAR COMMITMENT. So I will be living at the pole until November 2006. Some interesting things happen when you pack for a year. I'm allowed 75lbs. Have you thought about what you'd take in 75lbs for one year? I solved the problem by waiting until the last minute and throwing something in a bag. It's not like its a fashion show down there.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to depart for McMurdo. Weather looks good so I don't see a problem. So wish me luck and good living quarters. I'll post when I have time.



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