Thursday, February 10, 2005

In Chch

Well I made to Chch with relatively few issues. I pretty much slept for 12 hours but then again I started at 9a and did not arrive at my hostel (Thomas' on Hereford, the Y was full) until midnight, took a shower, went to Mickey Finn's and called it a night at 3a. Woke up as hungry as can be in the afternoon and visited... McDonald's.

I met some locals on Wednesday and went to eat at Ferment last night, got a great deal on a 300mg filet. A very upscale restaurant one of the locals I met is a waiter there and worked out a good deal for me. I tipped him well (which I think stunned him, as they do not tip for booze or food here).

Tonight I am going to meet up with Brandon Grantham at Warner's Bailey's Bar. The USAP home away from home. They stay open late and serve food late for those weary USAP traveler's.

Well just visited the information center and am going to try to take a day trip to Lyttleton where the beach is. Was going to try today but it has been rainy and windy.

Still have not seen the Super Bowl, the tape was lost in cargo, so they had the pig roast anyway. I did hear who won (the pilots off the plane took a snowmobile out to the pole and planted a Patriots flag and had their pictures take with it, that was kind of a give away).

It looks like I am headed home on 16th and should arrive at DIA about 7p. Need to confirm that of course, but it is a good estimate.

Well time is running out, I'll post when I can.


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