Saturday, February 12, 2005

Day three in NZ

Well it is my third day in NZ. There is a lot to do, so much it has been wearing me out. Went to the open market yesterday and it was quite interesting, lots of foods and clothes to look at. Hit a couple of museums and spent a lot of time at the pubs with the rest of the crew.

Tim arrives tonight so that will give me an amigo to hang out with. Brandon Grantham was supposed to be here on Friday but looks like he got bumped from the flight (or decided to spend a few more days with his fiance down on the ice). Either way he should be headed here tomorrow night. Although I did wait in Bailey's for a 3 hours to find out he was not on that flight. If he gets a room with a hot tub that I can use, all wil be forgiven.

I leave on the 16th and arrive in Denver on the 16th, thanks to magic of the international dateline. In case anyone is interested my patrick DOT mcclure AT USAP dot GOV still works, it just forwards to my ithandyman account. Although I had to blow away all emails in it(actually I have a copy but I need to restore it and do not want to on a public computer).

Well I'm running out of time at the cafe again. Talk to you later...


Blogger polardaveb said...

So 6 days in NZ huh? You'll be ready to take more time after you spend next winter down here. Stop denying it. You've got ice in you're blood. I still get emails from Joe Bailey. Poor Fiji.

Anyway, I'm not minding the small station population and I'm keeping busy. 8 days to sundown. THat'll end up being a vile party I'm sure.

Take care and soak up some weather for me.

PS. I rewrote in CSS. I was bored.

12:08 AM  

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