Sunday, December 26, 2004

Parties, the Race and Sculptures

The two day weekend has ended and it is back to the grind. Plenty of issues to resolve at work but I'll leave that for another post. Let's review the weekend:

Friday night, Annex Party - This was a good time, a nice mix of people lots of wine. Bill McAfee held down the bartending duties. It is a shame they are destroying the Annex, it would probably be the nicest place to live on station. A quick look as to the entrance to the Annex...

After the Annex was a live performance of Squeaky Meat. Dave Benson and the crew played late into the night. I curbed my desire to stay for the duration with the higher calling of the Race Around the World. I exited around midnight so I could prepare properly for the race. Here is a link to Squeaky Meat Poster.

Christmas day had several things going on. The Veterans on station raised the POW-MIA flag at 8a. They also signed it on Sunday. The Ice Sculpture contest was judged at 9a. There were some really good work out there. Who would have thought that 250 people could make so many good sculptures.

Then there was the Race Around the World. Three laps that equal almost two miles. I did not win. Philip the cook won with a stunning 13:08. The women's winner was also from the galley. I had a slip and fall and then an equipment problem. I ran about a minute slower than I had hoped for at 19:12. I had guessed a little over 16 minutes was going to win, I obviously guessed way wrong.

I'm out of satellite tine but I'll post some pictures in the next day or so.


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