Sunday, December 19, 2004

Weekend Review

A quick review of this past weekend:

Saturday night was the annual Meteorology Wine and Cheese party. I attended and it was a good time. I am not a wine connoisseur (like I am with beer) but the chardonnay from the vineyard called Montana was surprisingly good. The party went until the wine ran out and migrated to 90 South. I begged out early and got some sleep.

Sundays I work at the store - "PoleMart". My account on the register is now fixed so I actually know how much to deposit at the end of the night. Rented Bad"der" Santa for the holiday, I was told it is pretty funny. I'll put a review up when I finish it.

Our Satellite issue continue, although today has been without much of hitch. So if I am bit slow posting, I'm probably trying to find a satellite window.

A special cyber shoutout to:
Eric and Allison. Congrats, I hope everything went off without a hitch.

This week there is a lot of paperwork to do that I have put off too long. Some re-organization of our materials is in order and the local band "Squeaky Meat" plays on Friday. We have this Saturday off so a two day weekend- hurrah.

And finally my time waster of the day is:
It is a little guy-centric but I find it hilarious.


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