Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Half Way There + Summer Solstice

I have made it to the half way point of my contract. This is not official, but according to the local "Donut of Despair" I was at 50% done yesterday. Time to start thinking about shipping things home.

Summer Solstice is today, but since the sun has not set since I have been here this made not be important as it is in other latitudes. The sun will now start a slow downward spiral until it goes down in March for seven months. Hopefully I'll get to see a couple of short nights before I leave.

Saturday is the Race Around the World. I had been training for by running fast indoors on the treadmill and then running outside in the cold (with my boots on) for shorter distances. The winner gets a trip to McMurdo, which I would like. But being sick for the last four days has hampered me. The longest run I have had is 1.75 miles and this race is two. I guess I will run lightly for the next couple of days and try to save up for one big push.

The weather has been nice, -12C and yesterday it got up to -8C. I have been wearing too much clothing and need to start wearing jeans to work. It should be nice this weekend as well.

Here is a time waster that is a little more practical than Liquid Generation, make your name in Japanese. Here is mine -


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