Thursday, December 16, 2004

Feel the Pain

Well I have been sick for the last couple of days. I am drinking about 10 cups of tea a day trying to keep voice so I can talk to people and actually do my job. Getting about 11 hours of sleep and I still feel beat. Hopefully I am turning the corner.

Our satellite issues continue, we lost the GOES satellite today but it appears to have come back in the last few minutes. We use three satellites for communications here: MARISAT, TDRS and GOES. We lost the main power amp on the big dish (9 meter) which Road Dog has field repaired. We have a 3 meter dish back up but it drastically reduces our bandwidth.

We had major issues yesterday with a new switches in the elevated station. They renamed the subnet but did not update all the fixed equipment (printers, fixed devices and such) which caused them not to work. Not fun for a helpdesk guy.

There is a new press release from the NSF saying the B15a is not an issue. That is not what the scuttlebutt is here. I guess well see in the next two weeks. I have the press release but my I am having trouble linking to it. I'll update when I get it fixed.


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