Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve here at the Pole. Lots of activities tonight. After the work day the annual ANNEX party. The ANNEX is a berthing next to my office. It is the preferred housing for the people who have significant ice time. My co-worker Dave Benson has wroked on the ice for 7 years and lives there so it should be good. There is a gift exchange in the main galley but alas I have nothing to exchange. The band "Squeaky Meat" is playing tonight, which Mr. Benson is also a part of. Plus as every Friday night, the ARO building is host slushies (ARO is run by NOAA staff). Not to mention the everyday party in our local bar, 90 South.

I will check out the ANNEX and then probably hit the hay and rest up for the 2 mile, Race Around the World tomorrow at 10a. The winner gets a trip to McMurdo, which would be nice but probably out of reach seeing how I am just getting over my cold. I made 3/4 of the run last night and was exhausted.

Merry XMAS to all my faithful readers.


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