Thursday, December 23, 2004

Where I Live

Everyone has heard me complain about walking to work, blah, blah, blah. Here is a picture that actually shows where I live in reference to where I eat, work and shower.

I live in J13 which I marked in black. I share the jamesway with eight other people, all of whom work swing shift or nights so there is noise at weird times. Just north of J13 is the weightroom (its orange and sit horizontal to J13). Directly to the east of that is the blue "Ice Palace" which is the bathrooms for all those jamesways. East of the is non-smoking lounge.

You see where "My Office" is in the dome, I have to walk through the long tubes that house the heavy equipment shop. To give a perspective you see a little blue building just north of the tubes (Cargo office) and a line of little squares of different colors. Those are snowmobiles that are used to get around on. Most of them are seven feet long.

I have to take the beer can (the shiney vertical tube attached to raised station) to the galley, store, laundry and post office. It is about six stories from the underground tunnel to the top. The geographic pole is just south of the raised station (you can see the shadow of the sign on the snow).

To the east is where the LC-130's land. To the southeast is where the telescopes (AST\RO) and further southeast is the new ICEcube project (a very large Muon and Neutrino detector).


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