Sunday, July 16, 2006

Polar Puppy - Gaurd Dog of the South Pole

Filmed entirely at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica for the Winterover Halfway International Film Festival (WHIFF).

A stop action film about the dog who guards the Cermonial South Pole.

Super Hyberbolic Instestinal Torpedo indeed!


Blogger Wendy said...


12:42 AM  
Anonymous WaterDon said...

'Raayy Polar Puppy! You can move to South Park when you retire.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Crystal said...

HA! hahahahaha

do you guys even go down there to work?

8:23 AM  
Blogger Blur said...

Just 54+ hours a week. That might seem like a lot but when you have absolutely nothing else to do yopu become creative.

3:28 PM  

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